Why I do not watch my own local news

In a world where everything is just so loud, one has to wonder if anything could be louder. I think I have found out what could be louder. That would be the voice of my local TV stations trying to get my attention, to watch them and thier newscasts.

With a bunch of slogans being used, “stay connected,” “news for where we live,” “Toledo’s news leader,” “life is better here,” “certified most accurate,” and many more tacky slogans, they appear to try very little to woo me. I compare it to 2 or 3 babies crying out for 1 person’s attention. Crying louder and louder, until they get some attention.

Each station wants to be so separate and look good to me… Too bad they are missing the points of why I might even consider them for a news source.

These are my reasons I cannot watch my local news:

The first reason is that I make my own choice as to what “news” actually is. I am not at all sorry to say that a housefire in Tallahassee is not news to someone in Toledo, Ohio. I see the same for cooking the turkey to a golden brown, as we will see this coming week. As for “who da baby-daddy?” of a famous Hollywood socialite… I could care less. I never was asked about what I need to be news. My needs are not being touched. Nothing about any of the above stories is ever expected to change or have any effect on my life. None of the above stories are news. Just gossip, lifestyle activities, and innuendo. One of our local news stations used to promote its newscasts at 11pm by having a black man yelling “just give me the news.” What a shame, they never followed through with what the man was asking for.

My second reason is a small one. Really insignificant. The city of Toledo, Ohio is really too small to be a news town. Only things I see here that is remotely newsworthy is the corruption in Government, politics and bad planning (aka, wasting my tax dollars) on many people’s fronts, citizen apathy, and natural disasters nobody can prevent. Note that the bad Lake Erie water issue was avoidable, by natural barriers and built swamp land around the lakeshore of Lake Erie, if not the water intake. The news was not the bad water, but the wasted resources that never prevented this problem, along with the wasted and squandered monies that I paid in taxes.

My third reason is all about being correct THE FIRST TIME. WTVG 13, one day had on its website that there was a bad accident near 1300 Airport Hwy. The is no such address, if Airport Hwy starts in the 1800 or 1900 block. Even this morning, I saw a local radar that was predicting no freezing rain…but we have freezing rain now. That radar forecast was only a few hours old…. Lets just say 6 or 7 hours at most. Yet I am told how accurate everyone is. They even have awards for supposed “accuracy.”

That leads me to my fourth reason. Every few months, its trick or treat season for the news stations. All if the above (and also below) mingle together to create a way to get awards. I am totally convinced that those awards are given out like candy. “Truck or treat!”… Now comes a few AP awards. “Trick or treat!”… Now a Morrow award. These awards mean nothing to the viewer at all. And the more they are advertised, the less they mean. The more awards gotten, the less it appears the local stations are serious about news… And the award presenting committies look stupid for awarding low activity on gaining news and journalistic ground. A TV station does 1good story a year, they get an award. Should a child get a new car for flunking all year, but get a “B” in 1 single test, if that child is a competent learner? Thats how I see awards and hiw getting them is not useful to the public.

This fifth one is a biggie for me. I am going on a minimum amount if newstime here. That would be 5 hours of news on a weekday. 4:30am-7, 12-12:30pm, 5-6:30pm and 11-11:30pm. I am not taking into affect other extra “day show” and taped replays, or extra newscasts. Out of all that time, why am I seeing the exact news stories? Wouldn’t substituting a few stories and putting them in as updated later on, force people to watch more news, because they get more news? I do not need 5 hours of the same thing. Thats like watching the Shogun miniseries five times a week. Who also wants to see a marathon of the same thing? I don’t. But then again, news consultants never ask me about my news needs.

Sixth reason…. Simple, fake smiles. Just because we see teeth, does not mean we cannot see your angry and hurt eyes. Remember, the eyes are the window to the soul…. Or shall I say “your mind.” Anchors and reporters need to be genuine. They also need to be less about themselves too. We can see ego clearly. I see that one way too often. I could maybe understand that in New York or L. A. I cannot see it in puney Toledo, Ohio. If you have ego here, you are clearly not much.

With so many other choices in getting news, why would TV newscasts get it so wrong? I clearly see this fact and cannot stand what I see on the local TV news. Take note Toledo TV stations!


Adam4Adam… Or Adam4Trouble

I know there are many complaints about dating website Adam4Adam online, but since Craigslist did not pan out, I thought I would try the popular site out.

After creating a legit profile, i was able to log in. I got an email congratulating me on making my first profile. I was confirmed. I also uploaded 3 pictures. 2 public ones. Which were face only, along with 1 private “durty” one.

I got the following confirmation:

Hey Junckboxx, 

Congratulations! You are now a member of Adam4Adam! 

To complete your membership, please confirm your email address by clicking  (this link).

I then explored the site, seeing the same exact guys online, as all the other dating phone apps.

I then call it a night and go to bed around 1am EDT (time changed at 1 am Eastern Time) and charged my phone too.

I awoke at 7:20 am, when I attempted to log in. I quickly found my profile was suspended, but no reason was given.


I was rather angered about this, and attempted to get ahold of A4A. I was using the mobile site, which I tried to click the link on contacting the A4A support team. There was no page to be found on their server. “Page not found.” Now what appears to be a mistake on their part almost felt like a conspiracy against me, as a person. I had to know the reason. So I clicked on the “report spam” link. I then sent them the following email:

After less than 12hrs, I have noticed that my legitimate account, which traces back to this address, was suspended. I have no reason or proof for what the reasoning is. I had no public nudes, no posted websites, confirmed my email, messaged nobody, used no offensive words, and yet, found myself not able to use the site.

Whatsmore, when I tried to contact you through the mobile page “contact the adam for adam support team”, there was no page on the server and “page cannot be found”.

If this is the typical experience of A4A users, i see why there are allot of complaints on websites.

Now I need to know why my account (junckboxx, which I use legally at other dating sites too) was suspended. I am demanding a reason. I joined approximately 8 pm EST on Saturday, Nov 1, 2014. As of 7:20 am EDT (time change), i attempted to log in, but could not, due to my profile being suspended.

A copy of this email will be retained, for my own records and public reference of experiences. I am not a quiet one, especially when not being treated equally or fairly. This clearly was the case with A4A.

Nov 2, 2014,7:55 am

I am awaiting answers. I am not confident they have the balls to let me know about why, because they more than likely will not see it, or don’t care about potential customers, much less current ones.

For the record, there are allot of public nudes, as main profile pics. In fact, the ads are of a sexual and nudity nature.

If I get an update, I will put the results in this blog.


craiglist… or not

I was looking for fun using the Craigslist ‘casual encounters’ section. I have been having zero luck on getting a man to pleasure me and fulfill some need in me. I kept coming up empty on men who did not show, did not want to meet in the perameter of times set forth, guys that seemed to judge when a pic was sent, etc. You know… The usual gaymes played. I even had male prostitutes ask me to be “genrus” for a specified amount and them being “straight”.

Today, I attempted to put on 6 posts, looking for a top. Each and every one of those posts were flagged for removed. I feel that I am suffering sexually. Who has a right to make me suffer like this?

I finally got one to stick. However, I has to YELL about my post being legit, and that I do not flag everyone else’s posts, and also to not flag this one. Yet, not one single reply. Guess what… 10 minutes after i posted this paragraph, it got removed. I went to the forums help page to find out why all 8 of my posts were deleted. Then I noticed a “-5” at the end of my post. I also noticed a “perfect. there is a collective conscience” under my asking post. “jlet” was thw name after the comment. Why would people be so cruel? But thats the story of my life. I do the right thing. . . and get meaness in return.

Are there any alternatives to Toledo Craigslist? If so, I need to know. My sex life is extremely unsuccessful.

Is there anything I can do? I have tried so many other sites and apps, without success on anything I was looking for. Yes. Even bars, churches, sex parks, phone lines, you name it.